Year: 2020

Pantry Restock

Cyber Monday: Pantry Restock Edition!

Did you miss out on some of Black Friday’s healthy pantry items? The good news is, you can still find most of them available here during Cyber Monday. And, today, I’ve found a fresh new bunch of healthy pantry items for Cyber Monday that you can restock your pantry with. Between the two posts, you can do a pantry makeover for a new, healthy start during the holiday period.

Alternatives to Bread

Alternatives to Bread

Bread is a great source of carbohydrates and other nutrients, but it might be easy to eat too much. Did you know there are some great alternatives out there, and some will help you cut calories? If you are looking to cut down a bit on bread, this article gives some great tips!

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Want to know which water bottle I love, what kitchen tool I can’t do without, and what’s on my nightstand reading stack?
I’ve compiled my favorite items for their interesting content, functionality, quality of material and workmanship and/or beauty. It’s everything I use to stay well, healthy and well-fed, in mind and body.


What is gluten-free bread?

With all the hype around gluten-free bread and touting of the health benefits, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed and confused. Let’s go back to basics in this article and discuss what we mean when we refer to gluten-free bread.

Why are fruits and vegetables good for you

Why are fruits and vegetables good for you?

Whether you love them or loathe them, we all know fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet. But it’s always good to get a reminder of exactly why produce is your pal. I shared the top reasons why it’s important to consume fruits and vegetables in a recent talk for WYAO Hawaii.