Month: July 2021

High-calorie vegan foods

High-calorie vegan foods

The vegan diet is touted for being healthy for the body and the planet, and some of those who have gone vegan report weight loss, glowing skin, and lots of energy. When thinking of a vegan diet, images of fruits and vegetables come to mind easily. You might think of going vegan as being “on a diet”, as you might think you are going to cut your calories.

French toast served with whipped cream, raspberries, hemp seeds, and cinnamon.

Sourdough French Toast and Homemade Whipped Topping Recipe

Sourdough bread has become more and more popular amongst bread lovers. Wondering what to do with your stale sourdough loaf? Try this tasty and nutritious Sourdough French Toast with Homemade Whipped Cream recipe. This recipe is free of refined sugars, and can be made without dairy or gluten!