Hello, I'm Jinan Banna

Registered Dietitian, Blogger and Nutrition Advocate​


I love food, especially trying new ones, as well as staying active which I do through hiking, yoga, running and more. My hope is that I can help you navigate what food and movement looks like for you as you begin your journey to achieve and maintain your healthy weight.

Jinan banna phd, rd

Why I do it​​

Over the last decade I have published many studies in the nutrition field and have delved into the impact of food environments on overall health. I know that it’s far too easy to drive to the fast food joint, that soda is a super cheap option for a drink, and that there is tons of misinformation out there about how to lose weight with “quick fixes.” I want to do my part to provide factual information on nutrition so that people can take charge of their health as much as they can. I know that for so many busy working women who struggle with their weight, with good nutrition, a solid plan and some accountability, they can reach their full potential and open up the world of opportunities for themselves.

Let's do this together

When working together, you will learn what your triggers are when it comes to eating and why they aren’t working in your favour to help you be the weight you want to be. You will be able to start viewing food differently as it becomes your friend, not your foe. I will teach you how finding the right eating plan for you can give you back your energy, your mobility and your confidence. The end goal is that you adopt a style of eating that helps you feel comfortable at your weight without being on yet another restrictive diet.

It’s not one and done

Trying to lose weight isn’t as easy as “eat this, don’t eat that.” Our food environment is complex and not easy to navigate. As Americans, we have lots of cheap, poor quality food available at our fingertips, but I want to teach you that healthy food isn’t the hardest or most expensive option. I find that ongoing support, especially in the beginning to get you on the right path and longer term to keep you there, is paramount in the journey of losing weight. That is why I use an app called Practice Better which provides you with access to me between appointments.

What I can’t live without

My Vision

Enabling busy working women to focus on nourishing their bodies.

My Mission

I aim to educate and inspire busy working women who are lost trying to navigate the world of nutrition after trying all the diets and not knowing what is next, to consume a healthful, varied diet and still achieve their healthy weight.

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My Values


For the past 10 years I have been involved with students, teaching and research at the University of Hawai’i and I currently hold the position of Associate Professor in the Department of Human Nutrition, Food and Animal Sciences.

My research focus is on obesity prevention in underserved populations. For a complete list of published work, find my bibliography here

Jinan’s Qualifications

Areas of Specialization