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Best breakfast in Waikiki; breakfast waikiki;, Best breakfast in Waikiki

Best breakfast in Waikiki

One of the things I love about living in Honolulu is the ability to go have breakfast in Waikiki, often with an ocean view! Here, I share a few of my favorite breakfast spots in Waikiki.

Hula Grill

Hula Grill is one of my favorite restaurants in Waikiki in general. I love to go for breakfast and lunch. When I eat breakfast there, I almost always order the lump crab and spinach eggs benedict. It comes with potatoes, and I love that I can get some veggies in at breakfast. The view is amazing from the restaurant, and I try to get a seat in the front row every time to enjoy the ocean view. There is sometimes live music downstairs and you can watch the musician play from the lanai, so that adds a nice touch. 

Hau Tree Lanai Restaurant

The Hau Tree Lanai also is on the water and has a beautiful view. It has recently been redecorated, and I love the new look. I usually order eggs benedict here as well, and it comes with some pineapple on the side.

Halekulani Bakery

This bakery is award-winning on a national level, and the pastries are exquisite. There is some outdoor seating to enjoy your sweet treats. 


Love the ocean view from this restaurant and the high-quality food. I have also gone to this place for an all-you-can-eat buffet, which was amazing. I enjoyed the seafood in particular. 

Barefoot Beach Cafe

The location of this cafe is amazing, as you sit steps away from the water. Love that there is often live music there as well. Breakfast offerings include avocado toast, which is a healthy choice I love for the heart-healthy fat and fiber. 

Cafe Morey’s

This cafe is not next to the water, but the food is very tasty and I love the way the place is set up. It’s a cheerful place to sit and it’s open air. You can also walk around the neighborhood around the cafe when you are done, as there are lots of little shops and interesting things to see right around. You are also within walking distance of Diamond Head and could easily take a hike after breakfast. 


The view from Deck is amazing, as you can see Diamond Head. It’s open air and a beautiful place to sit. There are lots of paintings displayed there as well, and the hotel is beautifully decorated. Love the avocado toast on sourdough here. In fact, I love sourdough so much that I wrote a blog post on the health benefits of sourdough that you can check out for more info on this food. 

Final Thoughts

Waikiki has some excellent breakfast spots, and there are plenty of healthy options if you know where to look! Highly recommend exploring, and feel free to comment on your favorites below!

Best breakfast in Waikiki; breakfast waikiki;, Best breakfast in Waikiki
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