Preparing simple meals with healthy ingredients

A couple articles with some tips for meals and ingredients are available here.

Picnic food ideas

Picnic food ideas

If you are going on a picnic this summer, you’ll want to be prepared!

It’s easy to eat a bunch of junk food at a picnic–I’ve been at picnics with not much more than chips and cookies.

My latest blog post goes over some food ideas for a healthy picnic, which are important to keep in mind if you are trying to lose weight.

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How to Make Dinner Fun

Do you find that you reach for the takeout menu a little too often throughout the week? This is understandable and there are lots of people who do the same thing. That’s why you should make sure that you do think about exploring ways that you can embrace cooking homemade meals for your family and making meals like dinner more fun and nutritious. Head over to my blog for some possibilities that I recommend.

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