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healthy bread types; Homemade Bread;, Healthy bread

Healthy bread

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Bread remains a treasured part of most people’s daily life, from a slice of toast spread with jam or butter in the morning to a slice at dinner accompanying a soup or with cheese.

With all the different kinds of flours out there, gluten-free options, whole grain options, high fiber, low calorie and more, do you feel a bit confused about what to look for in a bread? You’re not alone!

When choosing a bread, it’s important to look for one that doesn’t have a lot of added sugar, unhealthy oils or other unnecessary additives. Likewise, you can also look for one that’s high in fiber, has a few grams of protein, and is mostly or completely whole grain.

I’ve vetted some breads that I regularly eat myself, to give you the below list of healthful, tasty breads. Is your favorite on the list? Will you try one of the ones below? Let us know in the comments!

This bread is a powerhouse of nutrients, with one slice (34g) containing 3g of fiber and 5g of protein. It also contains no sugar and is very low in fat.

Food for Life notes that “We discovered when these six grains and legumes are sprouted and combined, an amazing thing happens. A complete protein is created that closely parallels the protein found in milk and eggs. In fact, the protein quality is so high, that it is 84.3% as efficient as the highest recognized source of protein, containing all 9 essential amino acids. There are 18 amino acids present in this unique bread – from all vegetable sources – naturally balanced in nature.”

Its character is definitely hardy, as it’s a substantial bread that has its own unique flavor. I personally enjoy this bread in my rotation of breads that I regularly buy, but I can also imagine that its unique taste might not appeal to all. I particularly enjoy this bread as part of my breakfast, as I feel it gives me a strong start to the day and tides me over well until lunchtime.

This bread also made the list of vegan items I love. If you’re looking for many more suggestions for vegan bread, check out this post on vegan brands for all my favorites.

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Dave’s Killer Bread packs a punch, with 5g each of protein and fiber per 45g slice in addition to the whole grains and Omega-3 content. The loaves are certified USDA organic in addition to being non-GMO Project verified.

I absolutely love the taste of this bread and also appreciate its excellent nutritional qualities. The only area that feels like a compromise is the sugar content—it contains 5g of added sugar per slice. Therefore I would definitely eat this bread as an occasional treat rather than as my everyday loaf, despite its other outstanding ingredients and qualities.

The large variety of grains and seeds mixed in and topping the bread do make it a delectable treat, so do give it a try if you crave depth of flavor in your loaf of bread.

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If you’re familiar with rye bread, you’re no stranger to its strong, complex taste and consistent, dense texture. I wasn’t always a fan of rye bread, until I discovered how tasty it was straight from the toaster, with a bit of butter on top. If you’re still not sure rye would suit your tastes, Mestemacher also makes a variety of other breads, including pumperknickel.

Nutrition-wise, you can’t go wrong with this organic bread. Its ingredients are minimal (organic whole kernel rye, water, organic whole rye flour, sea salt, yeast), and it’s a good source of fiber.

I highly recommend this rye bread because it comes sealed and can stay good for several weeks to months (always check the expiration date). This makes it a great option if you want to always have some stockpiles of food on hand.

It’s also a great choice if you want to feel satiated and not overdo your bread consumption. It’s such a filling bread that it would be hard to eat slice after slice! Another way I enjoy eating it is toasted with roasted or sauteed vegetables and hard boiled egg slices on top to make an open face sandwich for a nutritious lunch.

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I know, tortillas aren’t exactly bread, but I’m including this particular tortilla brand for those looking for a change from bread, or who follow a gluten-free diet.

These tortillas are simply delicious and can make a great snack or meal! They are composed of chickpea and cassava flour, and boast a good amount of fiber (4g) and protein (3g) per 2 tortillas (equivalent to 50g). They are also certified gluten-free and non-GMO.

My favorite way to use them is to heat them in a pan, top with sauteed or roasted vegetables and a bit of regular or non-dairy cheese inside and roll or fold them to serve.

What’s great about these tortillas, in addition to providing a change of pace, is that they are light and thin, and easy to cook and roll or fold.

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The 365 Touch of Honey Bread is a great “bread and butter” option (pardon the pun!). It goes well with everything, making it a good option for slathering on your choice of spreads.

With 2g fiber and 3g protein per one slice (33g), it’s a healthful option. Like Dave’s Killer Breads, it does have added sugar, in the amount of 3g per slice. While I still do recommend it as a healthful bread, moderation, as in all foods, is recommended.

I keep this bread in my list of options when I need to order online from Amazon Whole Foods. It’s almost always available for quick, same- or next-day delivery.

healthy bread types; Homemade Bread;, Healthy bread

I’m a huge fan of sourdough, and find this a really convenient option. I like that it’s organic. One slice contains 110 calories and provides a whole 5g of protein, 2g fiber, and also contains some iron. If you want more information on why to choose sourdough, check out my post here.

  • Homemade Bread

If you’re interested in making your own bread, you can consider getting some added fiber and micronutrients by using fruits or vegetables. This apple bread recipe incorporates a whole two cups of apples!

Final Thoughts

The variety of healthy breads available allows you to experiment and find a bread that you enjoy and that simultaneously serves your health. While you have bread on your mind, take a look at the nutrition panel and ingredients on the bread you have at home right now. If it’s high in added sugar or other unhealthy ingredients, give a new bread a try to find a good substitute! 

Are you interested in trying your hand at making bread at home? If so, you might want to check out my post on the health benefits of sourdough, so you know exactly what benefits you’ll gain by making your own sourdough bread. 

Lastly, don’t hesitate to leave a question in the comments section if you still aren’t sure about anything in regard to choosing a healthy bread!

healthy bread types; Homemade Bread;, Healthy bread
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