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How To Take Care Of and Clean Your Kitchen Appliances; kitchen deep clean, How To Take Care Of and Clean Your Kitchen Appliances

How To Take Care Of and Clean Your Kitchen Appliances

When you buy a kitchen appliance, you are making a significant investment. Ovens and fridges aren’t cheap, and they’re needed in every home, regardless of your budget. If one of these appliances goes wrong, it can throw a major spanner in your life. There are some simple maintenance tips that you can use to take care of your kitchen appliances and avoid expensive repairs.

Clean Up 

Cleaning your kitchen in the wrong way subjects your appliances to wear and tear that can take its toll. Using the wrong products can even damage them.

Avoid using products like Windex to clean stainless steel appliances. The chemicals can discolor the surface and damage the outer protective layer, dulling the shine. Use a natural option instead, like a vinegar and water solution on a soft cotton cloth to wipe along the metal’s grain. Finish with a dab of coconut or olive oil to deal with water stains and increase the shine. 

A steel wool pad might do a great job on your dishes, but it can be a disaster for your glass stovetop. To avoid scratches while still keeping it clean, spray vinegar on the stovetop, and sprinkle baking soda over it. The solution will loosen stubborn dirt. Squeeze a few drops of mild dish soap into a bucket and fill it with hot water. Dunk a towel in the bucket, wring out the excess water, and lay it over the stovetop. Remove the towel after fifteen minutes and you should be able to easily clean the surface with a microfiber cloth. 

Keep Your Refrigerator Sealed Tightly

The door seals on your refrigerator are small but important. If the seals are cracked or broken, cold air can escape and hinder your fridge’s ability to maintain a cool temperature. This can cause problems with energy consumption and cause freezer burn. 

To solve this and to fix a leaking refrigerator, inspect the seals once a month. Make a habit of washing the seals to get rid of food spills. You only need warm, soapy water and a cotton cloth to do this. 

Make Sure Your Oven’s Performance Is Up To Scratch

Door seals are important for your oven’s performance too. A cracked or frayed gasket will put a strain on the heating elements. They will need to work harder to reach and maintain the right temperature. Fixing the seals is reasonably easy. It’s also inexpensive to have a professional repair it. Replacing faulty seals will extend the life of your oven. 

Look After Your Refrigerator Condensor Coils

Dusty condenser coils on your refrigerator can have a two-fold effect on the fridge. They can prevent it from properly cooling food and ruin efficiency. You can solve this problem by cleaning the coils twice a year. Just make sure that when you do this job, you unplug the fridge first to avoid giving yourself an electric shock. You can use a coil brush to tackle the dust and then just vacuum it up from the floor. 

Final Thoughts

With some attention, you can keep your kitchen in good shape so you can keep on cooking! Be sure to do regular cleaning and maintenance to keep everything running smoothly.

How To Take Care Of and Clean Your Kitchen Appliances; kitchen deep clean, How To Take Care Of and Clean Your Kitchen Appliances
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