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2015 Publications

Publications <h1>Year 2015</h1> <h2><a href=”″><b>Reicks M, Banna JC, Cluskey M, Gunther C, Hongu N, Richards R, Topham G, Wong SS. Influence of parenting practices on eating behaviors of early adolescents during independent eating occasions: implications for obesity prevention. Nutrients. 2015;7(10): 8783-8801. </b></a></h2> <p>Among early adolescents (10–14 years), poor diet quality along with physical inactivity can contribute to […]

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2012 Publications

Publications <h1>Year 2012</h1> <h2><a href=””><b>Banna JC, Kaiser LL, Drake C, Townsend MS.  Acculturation, physical activity and television viewing in Hispanic women: Findings from the 2005 California Women’s Health Survey. Public Health Nutr. 2012;15(2):198-207.</b></a></h2><p>The purpose of this study was to assess the relationship of acculturation with physical activity and sedentary behaviours among Hispanic women in California.

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2011 Publications

Publications <h1>Year 2011</h1> <h2><a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”><b>Banna JC, Keim NL, Townsend MS. Assessing face validity of a physical activity questionnaire for Spanish-speaking women in California. J Extension. 2011;vol 49 (5):5FEA6. </b></a></h2><p>To create a culturally appropriate assessment, the study reported here developed and evaluated the face validity of a visually enhanced Spanish-language physical activity questionnaire. A

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2010 Publications

Publications <h1>Year 2010</h1> <h2><a href=”″><b>Banna JC, Vera Becerra LE, Kaiser LL, Townsend MS.  Using qualitative methods to improve questionnaires for Spanish speakers: Assessing face validity of a food behavior checklist. J Am Diet Assoc. 2010;110:80-90.</b></a></h2> <p>Development of outcome measures relevant to health nutrition behaviors requires a rigorous process of testing and revision. Whereas researchers often report

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Press Quote in Parade In this article, I share tips on eating for liver health. Read More Quote in Parade In this article, I discuss how to maintain liver health. Read More Quote Eat This, Not That Here, I comment on bread that is not very nutritious. Read More Quote in Plant Powered you In

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University of Hawaii at Manoa <h2>Undergraduate</h2> <h3><strong>FSHN 185 The Science of Human Nutrition</strong></h3>This is a 3-credit beginning level biological science course that integrates basic concepts of science with the study of human nutrition. This course is designed for the person who wants an introduction to nutrition and who may later choose a major in it.

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NUTRITION COACHING Weight loss seems to be the most talked about topic in the health and wellness industry. Many people find themselves looking for (and purchasing) quick fixes that they think will work in a matter of days and weeks but eventually don’t deliver the results they were hoping for. My approach is different. I

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