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I speak on a variety of topics in the nutrition field. I have spoken at conferences, for groups of students and faculty at universities, and for community groups, among others.

Popular lecture topics for community groups include:

  • Choosing Wisely:  Selecting Food for Health
  • The Power of Fruits and Vegetables
  • Fun with Fiber

Below is a recent video of a talk geared toward the community.

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I am able to provide training for nutrition professionals, as well as professionals in other areas. Two examples are:

  • Publishing nutrition research: Yes, you can!

This workshop provides an introduction to research in the nutrition field and is of use to those who want to refresh their knowledge in this area, as well as those who may be interested in engaging in research. A basic definition of research is provided, as well as an explanation of different types of research studies in the nutrition field. Characteristics of publishable research studies are explained, as well as different types of articles journals may accept. Reasons publishing is important and an explanation of the process of publishing are provided. The components of a research article are discussed, as well as how to evaluate a research article and determine if all the essential components are included.

  • Fun with food: Child health and nutrition in schools

This training for school staff provides an introduction to the nutritional needs of children. It also includes nutrition-related activities that could be done with students in the classroom to raise awareness about proper nutrition. I demonstrate how to prepare healthy snacks for students, and provide information about allergies, making eating pleasurable, the importance of role models, and introducing new foods.

Worksite wellness

I work with employees to promote healthy eating. I am able to give a series of talks at worksites on various nutrition-related topics, as well as provide nutrition education materials. Currently, I work with WYAO Hawaii to encourage healthy eating and physical activity in the workplace. Through WYAO Hawaii, I have given several talks, including “Fun with Fiber” and “The Power of Fruits and Vegetables.”

Menu review

I am able to review school menus to ensure that they comply Department of Human Services Child Care Licensing requirements.