Nutrition For Weight Loss​

Our 3 month nutrition for weight loss program is designed to set you up for success.

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We will take away the overwhelm of knowing what to do and where to start by giving you the tools you need that will help you to make the changes to your diet that you have been looking for.

Does this sound familiar?

Are you a busy working women who is sick of dieting?
Stop spending money on diets that don’t work!!!!

 Do you think you’re left with no other options? Weight loss is HARD! You should know that it IS possible to lose weight and sustain it without dieting.

Are you ready to lose weight and keep it off without fad diets and gimmicks?

Are you ready to achieve your weight loss goals with the support, accountability and education from a Registered Dietitian?​
Want to get clarity on what to eat, how to decipher food labels and how to make this a lifestyle approach where you don’t feel deprived? ​
It’s time to take control of your health, prioritise your goals and stop putting work and family first. ​

You might have

Tried enough diets over the years to sink a ship

Been on the dieting - weight loss- gone off track - regain cycle for years on end

Got your nutrition advice from google

All of which have left you wondering what you are doing wrong, blaming yourself for not being able to stick to what ever stupid diet you chose that month. #realtalk It’s not you - diet’s don’t work!

Hi, I'm Jinan

I’m here to let you know that you have options and I’m here to help. 

I’ve been in this space for many years and I can tell you, people like you get results when they are committed to and are taught an individualised approach designed just for them. I’m a Registered Dietitian and Associate Professor who has  taught more than 1000 students the basics of nutrition and beyond.

I’ve read hundreds of food labels and know and understand your struggles about healthy eating, maintaining a healthy weight and having energy for living! 

You’ll never be alone as we work together to better health for you. Feel good in your body and mind, and get ready to embrace this 3x daily ritual that we all have to engage in called eating…instead of it being a chore, it will be a highlight of your day, a moment of relaxation and enjoyment that simultaneously reinforces your health.

Does this sound familiar to you?

My 12 weeks nutrition for weight loss program is for busy working women who are ready to say hello to their lighter selves.​

This nutrition focused weight loss program is perfect for you if you:

Are looking for the right information, support and tools you need to have a diet that allows you to maintain or arrive at a healthy weight whilst feeling energized, nourished and not restricted.

Want to learn how to eat in a healthy, sustainable way and bring back the joy to your meals.

Are ready to start looking forward to meal times again, and maybe even food prep too!

Want to transition to a diet that works for you, for the long term, and that allows you to lose any excess weight you may have

Want to transition to a diet that works for you,for the long term, and that allows you to lose any excess weight you may have

It’s time to take your weight loss goals seriously and jump off the diet cycle. ​

I’ve helped busy women just like you

Increase their knowledge around food so they understand how to lose any excess weight once and for all

Understand how to distinguish between every day foods and sometimes foods

Decipher a good recipe from a shitty one (and where to find all the good ones)

Shift their thought patterns around the reasons why they eat focusing on non hungry eating

Turn their focus from a dieting mindset towards nourishing and nurturing their bodies

Gain confidence and self esteem

Reduce sugar cravings and stay fuller for longer

Have more energy to get through their busy and demanding work days

Your personal invitation is right here

I invite you to join me for 12 week nutrition for weight loss program – my 3 month coaching program where we’ll have plenty of time to dig deep into what you need to know and make sure you are developing habits that will last a lifetime so you can be confident with where your weight is.

This is your opportunity to join our program and discover how easy it is to achieve and maintain your healthy weight without going hungry all day long.

This is the program for all busy working women. It’s time to prioritize yourself in the chaotic life we live in.
If you don’t, who will?

At the end of our “12 week nutrition for weight loss program”, you will have laid the foundations to be able to make simple, yet powerful changes to your diet and transform your relationship with food to help you lose the weight you don’t need.

Here’s how we will do it:

1:1 coaching over three months with bi-weekly appointments over 12 weeks
Accountability & support between appointments so you never feel alone on this weight loss journey.

Topics we cover include: Building a healthy plate, our 5 core food groups and why we need them including hydration, understanding food labels so you can pick out the good from the bad, eating well while dining out, the relationship between food and mood, the role exercise and sleep play as part of your overall health.


$500 upfront payment or 3 monthly payments of $175

Is this 12 week nutrition for weight loss program the right choice for me?

This coaching is for you if:

This coaching isn’t for you if:

question mark, knowledge, question

So what the heck are you waiting for?​

$500 upfront payment or 3 monthly payments of $175

Here’s what you can achieve in the program:

Frequently Asked Question

Do you offer payment plans?

Flexible payment options are available. You can choose upfront or in 3 monthly installments.

Do you have out of hours appointments?

I work with clients Monday to Saturday offering late evening appointments throughout the week and Saturday mornings for those that prefer appointments outside of business hours.

What happens if I want to keep working with you after our 3 months together?

Before we finish our program, we can discuss what needs you have ongoingly.

What if I thought I could try it again, one last time to do it myself?

It is important to be ready to change when working with a Registered Dietitian and prioritizing your health but my question to you is to create change, we often need to do something new. Are you going to try the same diet again and expect a different result this time? 

How will this program be delivered?

I offer telehealth appointments for people anywhere in USA which are hosting online using Google Meet.

Are you on the fence?

I know it’s a big decision to take the step forward for your health and wellbeing. That’s why I’ve decided to offer FREE, no obligation 15 minute calls to give you all the information you need about my coaching. We’ll discuss your needs, what you’re looking for, and whether my coaching is a good fit for you now, or not.