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Is Basmati rice healthy

Is Basmati rice healthy?

Rice can certainly be part of the diet and has nutrients. But, did you know that there are differences when it comes to the nutritional content of different types of rice?

Continue to read on to learn more about basmati rice, the nutrients it has and how it compares to other types of rice.

vegan brands

Vegan Brands

More and more food companies are coming out with vegan products. But are they healthy? And, more importantly, do they taste good? We’ve looked at dozens of vegan brands on the market for bread, pasta, cereal, cream cheese, and mayonnaise. Read our blog on Vegan Brands to Shop for to see what made this list!

Tips for Transitioning to a Vegan Diet

Tips for Transitioning to a Vegan Diet

We now know that  plant-based eating can vary a lot, and can be strict or lax. We also know that if you have a meat-heavy diet, there are reasons to change your diet to reduce this. Of course, this choice depends on many factors, including cultural preferences, feasibility, affordability, and access to plant-based foods. Whether you are trying to become a strict vegan or simply reduce your overall consumption of animal products, here is a list of places to start.