Jinan Banna

I am an Associate Professor in the nutrition field at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. I am also a registered dietitian and completed my dietetic internship at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

How to stick to a healthy diet

How to stick to a healthy diet

Have you started trying to change your diet, just to find that you fall off the wagon? Are you wondering what the problem may be? Eating a healthy diet shouldn’t be torturous, impossible or tedious. Eating healthfully can, with the right mindset, tools and information, be enjoyable, exciting and varied.

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Want to know which water bottle I love, what kitchen tool I can’t do without, and what’s on my nightstand reading stack?
I’ve compiled my favorite items for their interesting content, functionality, quality of material and workmanship and/or beauty. It’s everything I use to stay well, healthy and well-fed, in mind and body.

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How to start a blog

Interested in starting a blog? Here is a list of blogging resources: 
If you are thinking of starting a blog, you probably are thinking of what to call your website. That’s exactly what “domain” means, because it is what people will search and find online. Finding….