Frozen banana ice cream

Frozen banana ice cream (frozen banana, peanut butteralmond milk)

Have you ever noticed just how much added sugar is found in store-bought ice cream? I make use of my blender to make my own as an alternative. I like the brand of almond milk featured quite a bit. It is organic and has no added sugar, and is also fortified with vitamins and minerals.

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Hand holding ice cream cone

A Registered Dietitian’s Favorite Ice Cream

Have you ever looked at the nutrition facts on all of that ice cream in the supermarket? If you have, you might know just how much added sugar, artificial flavors and colors are found in these. Here, I give you a few of my favorites so you can make a wise choice when you want something sweet!

healthy sweet snacks

16 Plant-based Snacks

Why is plant-based eating important?

One of the important principles of healthy eating is to focus on plant-based foods. Recent studies have pointed to the benefits of a plant-based diet, such as this research, which found that replacing animal-source proteins with plant-based proteins reduced the risk of premature death overall and death from cardiovascular disease. Plant sources of protein provide you with nutrients meat won’t, such as fiber.