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Healthy chocolate bars

Chocolate is a treat packed with compounds such as antioxidants and magnesium. However, some chocolates are much healthier than others! While some are sugar-laden and low in actual cacao, others are packed with beneficial nutrients and low in sugar. Read on to discover the treats I suggest that can satisfy a chocolate craving, without sacrificing nutrition. 

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Hu Chocolate Bars

Hu Chocolate is vegan, organic, delectable and composed of 70% cacao. It’s sweetened with coconut sugar and contains 9g of sugar per serving. If you are looking for an option with even less sugar, you can choose one of the darker varieties. With 3g of fiber and 2g of protein, this chocolate is a healthy treat to enjoy in moderation. One of my favorite varieties is the cashew butter; there’s something unbeatable about a nut butter and chocolate combo! 

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While Chocolove offers a variety of tasty white, milk, dark and extreme dark chocolates, I prefer to stick with the dark and extreme dark options to limit the amount of sugar. These chocolates come in a beautiful package and a love poem inside, making Chocolove a truly decadent experience. Be aware that while the sugar content varies, some of Chocolove’s bars come in at 15g of sugar per 34g serving. That’s a pretty hefty dose of sugar, so be sure to think about how that factors into the rest of your diet. To minimize sugar intake, select those with at least 70% cacao. One of my favorite sweeter varieties is the Raspberries in Dark Chocolate; the freeze-dried raspberries enhance the flavors of the dark chocolate. 

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Endangered Species Chocolate

This chocolate is on a mission to help endangered species in the rainforest, and the cacao comes from small family farms. Most of their chocolates are 72% cocoa, and with its non-GMO, organic and fair trade certification, this is a chocolate you can feel good consuming. Endangered Species chocolate has a smooth taste, and with 28 varieties, you’re sure to find one or many that you love. 

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Lily’s Dark Chocolate with Stevia

Are you a chocolate lover who needs to limit sugar? Look no further! Lily’s Dark Chocolate is sweetened with stevia. While the cocoa content is slightly lower than some other dark chocolates at 55%, this is a good option for people who are looking to limit sugar intake. The taste is unique, but if you’ve consumed other products with stevia, you’ll probably be already accustomed to its taste. 

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Manoa Chocolate bars

Since I live in Hawaii, of course I need to feature the chocolate I have tried here. Manoa Chocolate is a Hawaii-based chocolate maker. I was able to visit the factory and tasting room here on Oahu, where I tried lots of varieties of chocolate. This company sources from local farms as possible. I remember enjoying the Hawaiian sea salt bar, which is 72% cacao. 

Lonohana Estate Chocolate

I paid a visit to the store where one can purchase chocolate from Lonohana Estate Chocolate in Kakaako here on Oahu. I enjoyed the various dark chocolate offerings and especially liked the 70% dark chocolate bar with Hawaiian sea salt. I appreciate that the company offers organic products as much as possible, and that products are made with cacao grown here on island.

Final Thoughts

Chocolate is a rich, satisfying treat. Consumed in moderation, it’s a good option to satisfy your craving and enjoy a treat. When choosing a chocolate, it’s a good idea to check the amount of added sugar (try to limit it if you can according to your taste preferences) and cacao (try to have no less than 70%). If you would like even more information about chocolate consumption and health, Dr. Keith Ayoob provides some useful commentary in a post entitled “Chocoholics Rejoice! It’s Healthy(ish)! Here’s the Evidence!” Cheers to finishing off your meal with a small chunk of dark chocolate! 

Have questions? Comments? I would love to hear what you think below!

bars; chocolate; Healthy Chocolate Bars; chocolate bars healthy; Healthy Chocolate; healthy snacking chocolage; antioxidants; chocolates; healthy living with chocolate;, Healthy chocolate bars
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  1. I am a sucker for milk, white, and dark chocolate, so this is a great post! My favorites are definitely Endangered Species and Lily’s chocolate. My favorite flavor from the Lily’s chocolate is the sea salt caramel! I will definitely be trying the Hu Kitchen because I have only heard great things about it. Thank you for sharing!

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