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Here, I share some of the resources I use in my business, from professional development to communicating with clients. 

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Providing Medical Nutrition Therapy 

The page on the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics site on medical nutrition therapy forms and resources is important to review. 


I use Practice Better for telehealth. This platform allows me to easily communicate with my clients in a secure fashion. It is a very affordable option compared to others. Here is my affiliate link through which you can sign up. You can use the CLEARDESK20 coupon, which will give you 20% off for the first 4 months.

You will also want to review the content on telehealth on the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics site. 

Affiliate Marketing

One of the ways that I make recommendations for foods I myself eat and love, as well as other health-related items, is through affiliate marketing. This is one income stream for my business. If you are interested in how affiliate marketing works as part of a business and learning how I and many other dietitians incorporate this, check out my webinar on affiliate marketing for dietitians through Dietitian Central. Anyone can become a member of One doesn’t have to be an RD. Registration is a two-step process. First, you will need to purchase a site credit, and then you can use the site credit to register for the webinar. If you would like more information on the process, you can go to the FAQs section from the Continuing Education menu.

Online RD Entrepreneur Symposium

The symposium is an annual event with lots of great speakers. Last time, I learned a lot about marketing, food photography, running group programs, and more. You are welcome to use my affiliate link to sign up for this year’s event. 

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