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why arent i losing weight;, Why You Should Never Call Your Healthy Eating Plan A “Diet”

Why You Should Never Call Your Healthy Eating Plan A “Diet”

People always seem to be on a diet. It’s appealing to think that there is a quick fix and a way to easily drop pounds.

But practical experience shows that fad diets don’t work. The weight usually comes right back.

Yet, we continue to believe that diets work. Every year, some new book comes out touting the latest in diet technology and how they have the perfect formula for helping you lose weight. 

Let’s explore a new way to think about eating.

What Should You Call Your “Diet?”

The trick here is to change your psychology. If you are having a conversation with yourself about how you need to eliminate this food or that food, you are already on the wrong path. That’s because you are indulging your tendency to restrict yourself. You believe that the root cause of needing to go on a diet is because you are gluttonous and you can’t control yourself around food. You have “cravings” or a “need” for delicious flavors. And, fundamentally, that’s bad.

Don’t take this approach. Instead, ask yourself what new meals you can make yourself. Think about how you can come up with delicious recipes that will indulge your senses in new things. Consider how your tastes might change to support your body and long-term health. 

Notice how this line of thinking is radically different from the traditional way we think about “diets.” Instead of automatically restricting, ask how you could expand your palate instead. See your new food journey as an adventure and something that you love to do. Sure, you could go back to your old way of eating whenever you wanted, but you’re also on a new journey of discovery. 

When you take this approach, the world is your oyster. Whether you find a corndog recipe at blessthismessplease.com or tagine recipe elsewhere, you’re constantly exploring. It’s never boring or restrictive

What Most Diets Get Wrong

The problem with most diets is that they believe the problem is in food choice. All of them fall into the trap of telling their adherents what they should eat, and what they shouldn’t. 

But this is the wrong approach. You might know what you need to eat for good health, but not do it. The issue could be approaching your diet as a restrictive one and feeling dissatisfied as a result when you eliminate foods you enjoy. 

Celebrate Your Health

Another thing diets don’t teach you is how to celebrate good health (and the food that causes it). The underlying tone is always quite puritanical. In other words, you should be eating brown rice and broccoli for every meal because deep down, you are a greedy pleasure-seeker. 

But, of course, this approach to food is a form of self-attack. It’s okay to enjoy what you eat. After all, food is one of the great pleasures of life. Without it, it feels like you are missing something. The trick here is to celebrate the food you eat, not just because it tastes good, but also because it supports your health. 

The golden rule is this: avoid restricting yourself. If you want to change the food you eat, let it be an exercise in self-expansion.

why arent i losing weight;, Why You Should Never Call Your Healthy Eating Plan A “Diet”
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