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dinner event;, Tips on setting up for a dinner party

Tips on setting up for a dinner party

Dinner parties are great fun! They give you a chance to spend some quality time with your friends as well as show off your cooking skills. A dinner party is something your guests will be looking forward to, this means you’ve got to pull off all the stops. 

At first, the thought of hosting a dinner party may be nerve-racking. However the more time you give yourself to prepare for it, the less stressed you will be – let’s face it, you can never remove all the stresses of cooking. 

From planning a delicious recipe to buying the right drinks and thinking of how you are going to entertain your guest, below are our top tips on setting up for a dinner party. 

Plan a delicious recipe that will show off your cooking skills 

First off, start by thinking about a recipe that will impress your guests but not put too much pressure on your cooking ability. Try to make your starter and your dessert the easier of the three courses and then your main can be the showstopper. A recipe based on a smoked leg of lamb is bound to impress. We would recommend doing a run through of your meal a few days before to make sure it’s not as complicated as you may have initially thought. If you do find it too difficult, you can easily adjust and do something different. 

Create a nice ambience

Consider your lighting and music so it creates a nice setting to socialize. I like to use low lighting and perhaps some jazz in the background. 

What will you do for entertainment? 

Another area to consider when you have your guests round for a dinner party is entertainment. How are you going to entertain them when you are cooking and after the meal? If you have a games console, quiz games are good fun. Alternatively, you could turn to some classic board or card games to get everyone involved. If you haven’t seen each other for a long time, you may find you don’t need much entertainment as you’ll spend the evening talking to each other. If you are planning on having cocktails, it could be fun to let your guests make their own. If they haven’t made them before you could guide them through the process as a bit of fun. 

What tips would you advise for someone who is planning on having a dinner party? Which of the above three tips did you find most useful? Is there anything you would like to share that will benefit our readers? Let us know in the comment box below.

dinner event;, Tips on setting up for a dinner party
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