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In this article, I give my thoughts about what NOT to do at the drive-thru.

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In this article, I provide an idea for a breakfast meal that will help if you’re trying to lose weight.

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Want to know my thoughts about healthy diets? Here, I share my ideas, along with lots of other nutrition experts.

What Is The Healthiest Diet
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In this article, I am quoted on the Okinawa diet and its characteristics, as well as how it may impact health.

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In this article, I provide suggestions as to how to simplify your weight-loss plan.

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In this article, I am quoted on the nutritional benefits of the pumpkin spice latte, as well as the not-so-beneficial aspects of the drink. I also provide suggestions as to how to make this beverage healthier.

Food Behavior Checklist Featured in Nutrition Education Text

The Spanish-language food behavior checklist developed at UC Davis under the direction of Dr. Marilyn Townsend is featured in the most widely used text on nutrition education in the United States as an example of quality nutrition education programming.

Article-in-the-University-of-Hawaii-College-of-Tropical-Agriculture-and-Human-Resources-News Jinan Banna

Article in the University of Hawaii College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources News

I was recently distinguished by the American Society for Nutrition with a Nutrition Education and Behavioral Sciences Research Interest Section Mid-Career Award. This highly competitive award is presented to a mid-career investigator who demonstrates outstanding research and contributions to the field of nutrition education and/or behavior change.

Fulbright Association Alumni Profile

I recently completed an assignment as a Fulbright Specialist at the Universidad VERITAS in Costa Rica. There, I provided training for faculty regarding integration of nutrition information into courses related to sustainability.

Honolulu Star Advertiser

Article in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Poor nutrition during these adolescent years also can increase the chances of adult diet-related chronic diseases that occur later in life. These conditions include cardiovascular disease, cancer and osteoporosis, to name a few. My research on adolescent nutrition is featured in this article.

Article in University of Hawaii Research Publication

My research focused on how faulty self-reporting of the food we eat can lead to incorrect conclusions about whether we are meeting dietary recommendations for certain essential nutrients is featured here. This is the first to examine how accounting for the problem of misreporting affects nutrient intake estimates in the Hispanic community.  Nearly one in three US residents is projected to be Hispanic in 2060.


Community Engagement at Honolulu District Science Fair

I have served as a judge at science fairs in Hawaii on many occasions. This is an opportunity to engage with young people and encourage them to pursue careers in STEM.

Pacific Asian Center for Entrepreneurship Business Plan Competition

Doctoral student Asuka Suzuki and I were awarded for creating nutrient-dense, gluten-free pizza dough from repurposed tofu and soy milk byproduct as part of a competition.

Pacific Asian Center for Entrepreneurship Business Plan Competition