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oahu farmers market;, Best farmers’ markets on Oahu

Best farmers’ markets on Oahu

Farmers’ markets are a great place to buy local produce, and I frequent those on Oahu. I love to get outside to do this, and to chat with those I buy from about their products. I usually stock up on fruits and vegetables and also buy some prepared food to enjoy while I’m there. Here is a list of my favorite markets on Oahu.

KCC Farmers’ Market

This is fun to visit, as it’s pretty big and there are lots of fruits and vegetables along with prepared foods. You can buy some delicious macadamia nuts there, as well as healthy baked goods. I’ve had different prepared items there too, like okonomiyaki. If you have extra time, you can walk around and look at all the cacti that grow nearby. It’s a pretty setting for a farmers’ market. 

Kailua Farmers’ Market

I’ve had some really delicious and unique desserts at this market, and I remember some tasty frozen yogurt as one of those I really enjoyed. The live music makes it really fun, and people hang out and enjoy the evening at this market. 

Mililani Farmers’ Market 

You have to drive a bit out of town to visit this market, but it’s a nice setting for the event and a decent size market. I enjoyed the walk into the market, as nature is really stunning around it. 

Honolulu Farmers’ Market

This is conveniently located in town. I enjoy the live music there and find it a nice opportunity to hang out with friends. One of the unique items I love the most at the farmers’ markets around town is the egg fruit, which has the consistency of egg yolk inside and is sweet and delicious. 

Final thoughts

If you are visiting Oahu, it’s definitely worth it to visit the farmers’ markets, as you can find fruits and vegetables you might not have seen before, and hang out to enjoy the live music at some of these. Highly recommended scheduling this as part of your trip and buying local if you live on Oahu. 

Have questions? Comments? I would love to hear what you think below!

oahu farmers market;, Best farmers’ markets on Oahu
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