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How to Enjoy Your Favorite Foods

enjoy your food;, How to Enjoy Your Favorite Foods

If you’re looking for ways to make dinner fun, you are likely to make one of your favorite dishes. However, if your favorites are foods that are high in fat, salt, or sugar, it’s easy to feel a sense of guilt. Eating food should all be about enjoyment without worrying about your waistline with every bite, so what if you could eat healthily and still enjoy your favorite food? My philosophy is definitely that both are possible and that guilt should not be a part of eating. Here are a few thoughts about how to enjoy your food.

Practice Moderation

This seems like a simple solution, but it makes sense. You can still enjoy your favorite foods and eat healthfully as long as you make them just one part of your diet. Whether you’re partial to a pepperoni pizza, Texas chili bowl, or heaps of pasta soaked in cheese sauce, you’ll want to be sure you vary things on a day-to-day basis. Saving your favorite meals for a special occasion or being sure not to always eat the same thing will hopefully lead you to enjoy everything more. 

Make Smaller Amounts and Bulk It Up With Additions 

If your favorite meal is also quick and simple, and something you rely on to give you a boost or fill you up once you get home, you might just want to eat it at every sitting. But, you don’t need to eat the same thing every day, nor consume the same portion. Eating smaller amounts can reduce the calorie intake while bulking it up with vegetables on the side if your plate looks a little bare. A portion of leafy greens and other healthy foods is a fantastic way to enjoy your favorite meal and feel full while ticking each of your five-a-day boxes. 

Use Lower-Calorie Ingredients 

If your favorites are pretty high in calories and you are trying to cut back a bit, a useful alternative is to use lower-calorie ingredients. Opting for lean beef over other slabs of meat won’t make much of a difference flavor-wise, but you can also get creative. If you adore buffalo chicken, try cauliflower replacements. Often, it isn’t the food you love but the flavor. Tossing cauliflower in buffalo sauce can provide the same sensation but stays on the healthy side. 

Keep Things Balanced

You shouldn’t feel like you’re depriving yourself of life’s many joys, but you also don’t want to veer too far towards overconsumption. Try adding healthy side dishes to balance your intake between low- and higher-calorie foods, and make sure you exercise to balance the calories you eat with those you burn. 

Final Thoughts

Everyone has their favorite foods, and you shouldn’t feel guilty enjoying them. These tips give you the chance to have your cake, tacos, pizza, or whatever and eat it too because food is all about pleasure and enjoyment, so enjoy the heck out of it. 

enjoy your food;, How to Enjoy Your Favorite Foods
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