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low carb breakfast without eggs; plant based breakfast, Simple Ways to Get Nutrients in at Breakfast

Simple Ways to Get Nutrients in at Breakfast

We all grow up hearing that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day.’ While not everyone chooses to eat breakfast, it’s definitely a great time to get some nutrients in and make sure you’re eating enough from all the food groups during the day. 
Whether you’ve always overlooked breakfast in your house or have, no matter how inadvertently, made it a weekend-only affair, there’s never been a better time to give breakfast the time of day that it deserves. For the sake of your kids (if you have them), especially, making positive breakfast habits is fantastic to both implement the healthiest possible eating habits, and set things off on the right note every single day. But, how exactly can you start to truly treat breakfast with the attention, and care, that this most important meal deserves?

Leave plenty of time

Most of us prefer to hit snooze on the alarm over eating a decent breakfast, and then face the morning in a mad rush that sees us shoving quick-fire breakfast foods like cereals at our kids, and maybe even going completely without for ourselves. This is bad news for various reasons, especially as the ability to start the day gently and well is one of the main reasons for most breakfast-related benefits. Typically quick go-to breakfast options like cereal can also contain as much as 19.8 grams of sugar for every 100 grams consumed, which is almost guaranteed to lead to a mid-morning slump that prevents the staying power breakfast is supposed to provide in the first place. 

We aren’t saying you need to get up two hours earlier to cook a gourmet meal that helps to avoid this, but it is worth waking at least half an hour before you normally would, and prepping even something simple (but slightly more time consuming than a breakfast bar) like toast. This can be made on wholemeal bread and paired with healthy fruits to keep everyone a lot more lively for a lot longer.   

Find fun new recipes

Mindful eating at breakfast is a great way to level our moods from the outset and to enjoy food that feels like a treat before sometimes difficult and long days. However, if you’re reaching for the same breakfast go-to’s every day (commonly toast, cereal, etc.), then you’re probably on autopilot for this meal most of the time. That might not provide too much joy while eating, and also might contribute to a monotonous diet, which is not ideal for health. Again, you don’t need to create an elaborate breakfast plan to get on top here, but finding fun and tasty new breakfast recipes like these easy breakfast potatoes could soon see you paying far more attention to what you’re eating and how good it tastes. Equally, simple solutions like adding scallions, cheese, or red peppers to your scrambled egg could be the twist that you need to bring yourself into the moment. If you’re feeling really adventurous, why not try tofu scramble one morning instead? By making an effort to cycle through these options, you’re far more likely to take the time and be mindful, throughout your breakfast experience. 

Do it buffet style

When we’re tired and just looking to eat something, it’s not unusual for us all to grab our breakfast in the morning and be done with it, especially if we all have different tastes/preferences. Unfortunately, this once again limits the benefits that breakfast can bring because it facilitates that ‘grab-it-and-go’ mentality that you’re trying to avoid, as well as preventing any real interactions in the morning.

A breakfast buffet is a fantastic way around this because, for relatively little prep (a few slices of toast, some eggs, and cut up fruit is all it takes), it ensures a breakfast to suit everyone’s taste, as well as providing far more incentive to sit down together and get stuck in. This may seem strange at first, but over time the opportunity to check in as a family at the start of the day, especially across a communal buffet table, is sure to help you all prep for, and feel good about, whatever you have ahead of you. 

Breakfast might be ‘the most important meal of the day,’ but it’s often one of the hardest to get right. Wake yourself up before you go go by finally perfecting breakfast with these tips in mind. 

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low carb breakfast without eggs; plant based breakfast, Simple Ways to Get Nutrients in at Breakfast
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